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Extraordinary expression of the Italian Pignolo grape.
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100% Pignolo

Elegant in body, fruity and reserved, the bottle opens with an inviting bouquet of outstanding complexity black pepper, leather, forest flors, wet leaves, tobacco, dried blackberry, toast, liquorice, preserved fruit, medicinal, blackcurrant, black cherry, blackberry, violet, plum.  Dry, high acidity, elegantly bodied and softly tannic. 

Perfect for conosseaurs ..

Located in Farra d’Isonzo, an outpost of the Collio Goriziano, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the BRESSAN winery is quite unique. In today’s tempestuous ocean of industrial quick fixes and short cuts, BRESSAN Mastri Vinai is a philosophical lighthouse, a beacon of Quality to help steer all ailing vinous sailors to shore. No surprise that philosophy is one of their winemaking secrets.

In the vineyard, ‘IF’ and ‘ONLY IF’ the vineyard deems it necessary, Fulvio says only natural fertilisers from the barn may be employed. ALL chemical and synthetic products including pesticides and herbicides are banned. With all vines pruned to 4-5 buds, the BRESSAN vineyards are also farmed dry, as in, not irrigated. Fulvio pointed out that where their vineyards lie, it’s not far from the Isonzo river. Here the relatively poor gravel topped soil composition encourages vine roots to channel deep to find their life-saving water source. On this raised part of the Isonzo plain, at a depth of 5 metres, it’s a nutrient rich, stress free zone. The vines simply love it. Fulvio emphasized how dry farming is essential for any grower who wants to maintain the authentic wealth and intensity of the grapes aromatic profile. Recognising the value of his vineyard locations, you begin to understand why BRESSAN wines are uniquely BRESSAN. 


Fulvio studied in France, under the guidance of Professor Yves Glories from the legendary University of Bordeaux Oenology Department. He absorbed all that Glories imparted, explaining how he learned his role in the creative process is truly a supportive one.

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