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KNEWITZ Weisser Burgunder

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100% Pinot Blanc / Rulandské Biele 


Soil, Variety, Expression, Pinot: This Weißer Burgunder (Pinot Blanc) opens with ripe, yellow fruits on a rich, juicy palate. A refreshing acidity runs throughout, paired with a fine spice, delicate structure and mineral veins. Each is a reflection of limestone terroir in which it was grown.


Our Gutswein are the gateway into our program and thus build the foundation of our collection. These wines blend the freshness and fruitiness of youth with their Rheinhessen roots, and reflect the characteristics of the variety, the vintage and the vineyards. They deliver a clear statement on how we believe wine should be made and a small preview of our ‘bigger’ wines — a bit like an amuse-bouche from the chef to set the stage and familiarize you with the style of our ‘kitchen.’

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